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Iran Threatens to Withhold Oil

Reported by Marie Therese - August 7, 2006 -

This morning during FOX & Friends as FOX News aired shots of nuclear warheads mounted on trucks E. D. Hill intoned a tease for an upcoming segment, saying "Is Iran using the Hezbollah offensive in Israel to divert international attention away from its nuclear ambitions?"

There followed yet another example of reportage straight out of Fractured Fairy Tales as Hill and co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade did their level best to insinuate that Iran engineered the Hezbollah abduction of the two Israeli soldier in order to precipitate a crisis that would so involve the world community that the U. N. would forget all about passing a resolution to censure Iran's pursuit of nuclear energy.

DOOCY: We've kind of talked a little bit about this and how there was a confluence of a whole bunch of stuff goin' on just as the world community was turning its attention to the Iranians and their enrichment of uranium. The G-8 was about to meet. The United Nations Security Council was about to ...

HILL: Meet that day.

DOOCY: Exactly right. And what happens?

HILL: Well, you have the Hezbollah guerillas going across the border into Israel and snatching those two Israeli soldiers and then of course, you had the other Israeli soldiers that died as they were trying to rescue the first two. Many people have suggested that that was a diversion so that everybody wouldn't focus on what Iran isdoing. Now we have this deadline - August 31st - that they have to say that they are going to stop trying to enrich uranium and, if not, there could be sanctions. Well, Iran has responded.

BRIAN KILMEADE: You're forgetting about the vote that said - they voted, the Security Council, to express serious concern prior to that - which means absolutely nothing - but they are setting on August 31st. Iran has already said they are going to ignore that and halt - uh - and alter oil production if you (sic) go ahead and level the sanctions. But the timing - also a factoring to the timing is - remember when that EU negotiator walked away after meeting with the negotiator for Iran - Larijani - and said "I was extremely disappointed in the results there." Right after Larijani meets with the EU negotiator, he goes over to Damascus ...

HILL: Right.

KILMEADE: ... and is photo - is shown on video meeting with Assad. And then this happens?

DOOCY: The calendar is like this. On July the 11th Larijani met with Javier Solana and then the next day [July 12th] rejected the calls to stop the enrichment and then the next day [July 13th] was in Damascus talkin' to people and, of course, Damascus is a proxy, many say, for Lebanon, so are they connected? Some say yes. Also just one other thing about Iran and that is that the same guy yesterday said "We're not gonna stop enriching, In fact, if anybody messes with us, we're gonna take all of our toil off the world spot market. And that's gonna be a problem for all you countries that are about to vote against us."

HILL: Well, it would be a problem economically for Iran as well if it were halted indefinitely. They could probably deal with it for a while. What does it mean for us? Well, oil prices already going up. Could go up, they're suggesting, a lot more. Now, factored in - 'cause it's the fourth largest OPEC exporter. Factored into that, BP just announced that it's taking one of the lines in Alaska off because of leaks - or corrosion.

As an aside, the Iran-Hezbollah idea was floated by the Israeli government early in its war on Lebanon. The story has no legs since Israel was already bombing Lebanon on July 13th, meaning that the soldiers were abducted BEFORE Larijani went to Syria.

As for oil prices, can you say "unholy mess"?

NOTE: Post updated at 12:58 PM EDT, August 7, 2006