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Fox News Guest: Iraq Better than Portrayed Because Civilians Are Dying

Reported by Judy - August 7, 2006 -

A guest on Fox News' "Dayside" on Monday (August 7, 2006) is either a moron or heartless. Rep. Randy Kuhl, R-New York, has just returned from a taxpayer-financed trip to Iraq. Based on his observations of what he saw, we didn't get our money's worth.

"Dayside" substitute co-host Steve Doocy, who is himself dumber than a rock, asked Kuhl a simple question, "How bad is it?"

Replied Kuhl:

"I don’t think it’s as bad as its being portrayed, at least in the part of the country that I saw. We flew into Baghdad and moved about Baghdad relatively easily without any incident whatsoever and then we flew up to (inaudible) and spent the better part of a day there, talking to people who were actually running covert operations in the defense of the country and things of that nature, and while they readily acknowledged that there is violence in the country and certainly we’re seeing that, the violence has shifted from essentially an attack on our military to the civilians, which is what you’re hearing reported, this kind of uncontrolled, unleashed violence of the Sunnis attacking the Shi’ites and vice versa. And that is why you’re seeing the country now and the military starting to really focus on getting Baghdad under control."

Did you get that? Since U.S. soldiers are no longer being attacked less and more of the victims are civilians, things aren't as bad as they're being portrayed.

That's what passes for good news out of Iraq these days?

Kuhl was equally upbeat when it came to the physical condition of the country, saying, "It looked like a little bit of a country, and certainly the areas that we saw, in deterioration, and that’s what you hear from the people who are involved in the economic development aspect, which we talked to as a country team working with the State Department trying to bolster up the economy, whether it’s an agriculture, banking, or whatever it happens to be. They really focused on significant increase here in progress, but that there was a long ways to go."

So despite more than three years and billions of U.S. dollars being spent, Iraq still is "in deterioration."

The strategy of these Bush administration apologists seems to be to preface whatever they are going to say with something like, "it's not as bad as it's being portrayed." That way, they can describe a horrendous situation, and the gullible viewer will have the impression that what they're hearing is somehow better than what they thought it was.

Imagine a doctor telling you, "Well, it's not as bad I thought. You have 24 hours to live."

Yes, that certainly is better news than only having 12 hours to live.