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Asman Says "In All Fairness to BP" Is Fairness a Consideration for Oil Companies Making Billions In Profits?

Reported by Donna - August 7, 2006 -

David Asman filled in for Shepard Smith today on Studio B. He had a segment on the latest equipment breakdown in the Alaskan pipeline and what can be done about it.

While his guest said that there should be no price increases because the emergency oil reserves were going to cover the losses, Asman said that you can't blame BP because, after all, they couldn't watch all of their equipment all of the time. He prefaced it by saying, "In all fairness to BP..." Then Asman jumped on his guest and asked if he was then in favor of drilling in Anwar? The guest told him that drilling in Anwar wasn't the answer, more efficient gas vehicles was one way we had to go.

Comments: In all fairness to BP, YES they should be watching all of their equipment all of the time. With the record profits they've been procuring they should have every square inch covered. And who worries about the 'poor oil companies?' David Asman, that's who.