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Mr. and Mrs. Condi Rice?

Reported by Judy - August 4, 2006 -

George Bush has been acting a little strange, even for him, lately. There was the open mike slip at the G-8, followed by that neck message caught on camera. Combine that with the report of Laura Bush's stay at the Mayflower Hotel, and well, you have the context for the following video.

George and Condi are strolling with his arm around her shoulder. She does not look at all uncomfortable at the thought of her boss touching her like that. Suddenly, George does a "hands off" move as if someone off camera signalled him to stop.

For those readers who are behind on this issue due to excessive Fox News watching, where it will be covered right after hell freezing over, check out wonkette and Wayne Madsen Reports for June 15 and June 19 of this year.