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After a Week of Chest Beating About the Minimum Wage/"Death Tax" Bill, Cavuto Doesn't Report That it Was Killed

Reported by Melanie - August 4, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto devoted quite a bit of time this week to legislation the GOP was pushing through Congress that would link an increase in the minimum wage to a cut in estate taxes (called "death taxes" by deceitful Republicans) paid by wealthy Americans.

Cavuto raised the issue during his interview with George Bush on Monday. Bush, of course, was confident the bill would pass:


But is it fair to link that with a hike in the minimum wage?


Well, if it achieves the objective, I strong, you know, I support it. I support what the leadership is trying to do, which is to get tax extenders and the death tax and the minimum wage all passed. And, hopefully, the Senate will do so.


But if they did it one at a time...


It's not going to happen that way though. The, the decision has been made.

On Wednesday, a tough-sounding Bill Frist was Cavuto's guest. Frist said he would take the bill to the floor on Friday and, "allow every senator to vote on whether or not to have a permanent solution to the death tax."

On Thursday, Sam Brownback was Cavuto's guest. He too was puffy-chested and confident the bill would pass.

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate fell 4 votes short of the 60 needed to cut off debate, so the bill is dead. The defeat is a big one for Frist and the GOP because cutting estates taxes for their millionaire campaign contributor friends has been a dream of theirs for decades.

So, how did Neil Cavuto report this news today (August 4, 2006)? He didn't. He didn't say one word about it. No, the water boy decided his audience didn't need to know that the GOP blew it again.

Watch Fox. Be ignorant.