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John Gibson on Studio B: "America Tried, Tried To Luanch Their Democracy. If They're Going To Go On Killing Each Other, What Exactly Is Wrong With 3 Iraqs?" Cut And Run, Gibson?

Reported by Donna - August 3, 2006 -

Today on Studio B, John Gibson filled in for Shepard Smith and I wasn't quite prepared for the ridiculous quotes coming out of his mouth, but there you go.

The segment started with the talk today by the top Generals about Iraq maybe being in a civil war now. Gibson had Major General Don Edwards (Retired) and a Fox News Military Analyst on to discuss the issue.

Gibson spoke about Abizaid's remarks about Iraq maybe being in a civil war and commenting that this would probably make a lot of headlines and Gibson wanted to know what General Edwards thought about it.

The following is my partial transcript of the John Gibson, General Edwards segment.

Major General Don Edwards: Absolutely interesting that Abizaid is saying this publicly now since many of us have thought we've been in a low level civil war and have been for some time.

John Gibson: Well, I know they are. And this raises a question. Can a civil war like this, even if it's low level, (Comment: What is a low level civil war?) but you know, still alarming, be stopped by more American troops or is somebody going to have to accept the notion that maybe there's just going to be a separate Shia, Sunni and Kurd Iraq? (Comment: Oh, somebody is going to have to accept this notion?)

Edwards: Not going to be stopped by American troops, Iraqis have to fix this. (Comment: Whatever happened to 'you break it you own it?)

Gibson: To be honest America tried. Tried to launch their democracy. If they're going to go on killing each other, what exactly is wrong with 3 Iraqis? (Comment: 'America tried' came out in almost a whining voice)

General Edwards said he wasn't sure there was anything wrong with that. He said the Kurds were peaceful but he was worried about how close the Shia's of Iraq were to Iran and thought this might make Iran more powerful.

Gibson: The Kurds are friendly to us. Inevitably, it sounds like the Sunnis are going to need us to protect them from the Shia. Once again, if that's the way it works out, is that such a disaster?

General Edwards said that given that the American people would want to start seeing their sons and daughters come home. (Comment: I think a majority of Americans now want to see the troops come home)

They went off on a discussion of the bases that the U.S. has built over there and how the troops could pull back and observe from there except the General said they shouldn't observe if it is a civil war.

Comments: Does Gibson know the repurcussions of what he is saying? From day one this administration has said they want one Iraq, no splitting up. We have problems with Turkey if the Kurds are allowed to have their own country.

It sounds to me like Fox is beginning to tire of this war and just let it develop into a civil war and become three Iraqis. When the going gets tough, John Gibson wants to get out. Typical cut and run from John Gibson.