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Gibson's "My Word" returns; acknowledges lack of coverage of life outside Israel/Lebanon war zone

Reported by Chrish - August 3, 2006 -

After an absence of several weeks, John Gibson's "My Word" segment has returned, relocated to the very last segment after "Your Word", viewer comments. Today 8/2/06 he seemed to acknowledge that the coverage of the Israel/Hezbollah(Lebanon) war has driven all other matters from the tube.

Gibson stuck with the familiar FOX theme of danger everywhere in the subject he chose to highlight - heat related deaths:

"Back here at home, no war. But news flash: People are getting killed.

Nationwide at least 193 people have died since the heat wave settled in during July.

So far more people have died in America from the heat wave than have died in northern Israel from Katyusha rockets.

Of course, the Israelis are in bomb shelters protecting themselves from Hezbollah, which is trying to kill them with Iranian rockets.

Here, it's just people going about their normal lives and being felled by the heat.

A fairly young, healthy man dropped dead on a hike in Utah from heat exhaustion.

The two situations — a war and a heat wave — have no bearing on each other. There is no equivalency. But while we're watching a faraway war so closely, we should also keep an eye on what's happening here in our peace and tranquility."

At least the scary sh*t.

Note he didn't go into any detail on the other 192 deaths, most of whom are 1.) elderly and 2.) poor. La la la la; don't think about that. Also not mentioned were the extremes of weather and the mounting recognition that our ever-growing energy consumption is compounding the problem. From an article about heat-related deaths in California (141!) in USA Today:
"Some wondered if global warming played a role. While it's difficult to attribute any single weather event to the warming trend, experts said California's record-breaking heat was consistent with predictions that climate change would make heat waves more frequent and intense.

"This is exactly the kind of event we expect to see more frequently due to global warming," said Dan Lashoff, science director at the Natural Resources Defense Council's Climate Center."

Now that's scary.