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Doesn't This Woman Have Anything Better to Do?

Reported by Judy - August 3, 2006 -

Fox News' "Dayside" co-hosts Mike Jerick and whatever blonde female happens to be helping him out like to claim that their studio audience is not screened in any way. But somehow or other, the same woman keeps showing up in the audience.

"Madame Fox," seated in the studio audience with her big hair, chunky jewelry, and visor, somehow managed twice this week to get a chance to ask a question which was hostile to Democrats and supportive of Republican viewpoints.

On Thursday, she criticized Sen. Hillary Clinton for her comments on Iraq during a Senate hearing.

On Tuesday, with the same big hair but a different visor and different chunky jewelry, she quizzed Gen. Wesley Clark.

Who is this woman? Where was she Wednesday? Did she get lost on her way home from the sale at Saks Fifth Avenue and miss the show? Does the Republican Party pay her to do this? Or does she just happen to be walking by when Fox News employees are on the sidewalk recruiting people to sit in the audience? And who picks her outfits? Does Jerrick have the hots for her and that's why he makes sure she gets to ask a question?

"Dayside" has been using its audience as a political tool for sometime, but it looks like there is an effort, orchestrated by Fox News or some other organization, to make sure that conservative viewpoints are expressed without contradiction by the audience. As if we didn't get enough of that directly from the anchors and show hosts.