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Charlie Rangel Gives Fox's Viewers a Few Seconds of Reality

Reported by Melanie - August 3, 2006 -

Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY) was a guest today (August 3, 2006) on Fox's Your World w/Cavuto. Rangel was on to discuss the Israel-Hezbollah situation and his feeling that there should be an immediate cease-fire.

Roughly 90 seconds into the segment Cavuto changed the subject to Fidel Castro. Rangel said he thought it was "despicable" that people were dancing in the streets in Miami over the possible impending death of another person.

He also said he objects to the U.S. pouring money into Havana in an attempt to influence what happens there because he thinks there should be "democratic change."

Apparently hoping for more militant comments, Cavuto reminded Rangel that, "This guy killed a lot of people."

The exchange that followed was a rare sight indeed on corporate media much less on the Bush News Channel:


Well, I wonder how many people we killed in Guantanamo. I mean we don't have the human rights record...

Cavuto interrupted:

Wait a minute. Are you equating Fidel Castro with what's happening at Guantanamo?


You bet your life, if we're talking about human rights.


So, President Bush is just like Fidel Castro?


No, but what I'm saying is if you want to talk about the inhuman human rights that Castro has in arresting people and not presenting them with why they are arrested, giving them lawyers and having secret trials, hey, we're doing the same thing.

Cavuto didn't want to go there of course, so he steered the conversation back to Castro, asking Rangel if the people dancing in the streets in Miami were, "wrong in wanting Castro dead."

Rangel gave another great response:

I would like to believe that Americans are not afraid of Communism. We should open the doors, have trade. People should be able to live there.

Comment: Whoops, some reality-based info got through to the brainwashed Fox head-in-the-sanders. Cavuto will no doubt read a big batch of hate mail tomorrow in an effort to discredit everything Rangel said but my hat goes off to him. Rangel gave one of the best interviews I've ever seen a Democrat give on Fox. He got his points across and didn't let the host intimidate or fluster him.