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Al Queda to join forces with Hezbollah?

Reported by Chrish - August 3, 2006 -

In one of many, many segments on the Israel/Lebanon conflict today 8/3/06 on The Big Story, host John Gibson said that the NY Post had reported this morning that Osama bin Laden's son, Saad, is headed to Lebanon to organize terror attacks against Israel. The cover of the paper was displayed, with the large headline "Satan's Son."


Since then, Gibson said, FOX had learned from intelligence officials that Saad was still in custody in Iran. No mention was made that the Post is another News Corp holding (which owns FOX News Channel). The misleading chyron "NY Post: UBL's son heads to Lebanon to fight Israel" remained on screen for about 40 seconds, then was replaced by "Intel officials: UBL's son believed to still be in Iran."

The discussion speculates that with the disparity in casualties (@900 Lebanese, <100 Israelis) Muslims throughout the greater area may dismiss their differences and band together against Israel. As Bakhtiar says this, video shows crowds of Arab men with their fists in the air, and a dozen consecutive clips of large explosions (also seen July 26 during the fearmongering segment with Robert Strang, who admonishes that it's more important than ever to allow phone taps and email monitoring in the US).

Also in the report Rudi Bakhtiar said that it is being disputed by our forces that bin Laden's son is still under house arrest in Iran. She says that even if he were to go to Lebanon, Iran and Hezbollah have never worked with Al Queda, don't agree with their tactics, and in fact after 9/11 "Iranian officials came out condemning Al Queda for that." She says even now they are claiming that they are still holding him.

Gibson stipulates that IF he was released and he went to the Israel/Lebanon border, that would indicate Iran's involvement in the fighting. (Comment - I see no logic there.)

Bakhtiar says there is plenty of indication of Iran's involvement - missiles and munitions that were made in Iran, and the accepted fact - she actually said "it's out there" - that Iran spends about $100 million a year funding Hezbollah. As she goes further in depth, the music starts, Gibson thanks her, and says

"NOW, we all get to see for ourselves how Mel Gibson was acting the night of his DUI arrest."

Phew, that was close - I almost got truly informed about some functioning of the Iranian government and terrorists. Good thing he cut her off before I learned that it's complex.