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Adib Farha, Lebanese-American, appears on Big Story

Reported by Chrish - August 3, 2006 -

In an unusual move for FOX, John Gibson had as a guest yesterday 8/2/06 Adib Farha, a spokesman for the American Lebanese Coalition and former advisor to the current Lebanese Prime Minister.

Farha began by saying that the longer the conflict goes on, the more Lebanese will turn against Israel. People who were formerly "ambivalent" about Israel will turn against them as the civilian casualties and infrastructure destruction mounts. The majority of Lebanese people wanted to see Hezbollah disarmed but did not want to take the country into civil war, which is what would have happened, and which would have only benefitted Hezbollah.

Gibson asked if Israel isn't doing Lebanon a favor, disarming Hezbollah, which the Lebanese couldn't do themselves? Farha replied with a question of his own - can Israel fully disarm Hezbollah? - and answers that no, regrettably, he does not think they will be able to disarm completely. Hezbollah, he said, is more than militia, it's a culture, and most of the estimated 800,000 to a million Lebanese Shi'ites are loyal to Hezbollah. The only way to get rid of it is to 1. disarm them and 2. address the root causes - the Arab/Israeli crisis and, more recently, the Iran/Islamic fundamentalists vs. the rest of the world. As he stated "the Lebanese are pawns and Lebanon is a theater of op...," Gibson ovetalked to ask

What is Israel supposed to do to disarm Hezbollah, if it's so complicated that Lebanon can't do it and doesn't think anyone else should do it? Farha said that the Lebanese were trying to do it, but that's history now. What he's concerned about is the continuing destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure and economy, because that's not only bad for Lebanon but also bad for Israel, because a failed Lebanese state...

Gibson cut him off, overtalking and reciting his name and credentials. Farha stopped momentarily, then said "I really would have liked to finish this thought."

But Gibson said "We're out of time" and goes to a FOX NEWS ALERT:
Prosecutors have charged Mel Gibson with misdemeanor drunk driving.

Good to see FOX "News" has its priorities straight.

As expected, the non-Israeli viewpoint was challenged and put on the defensive and ultimately cut-off.

During the next segment, with Deputy State Department spokesman Tom Casey, Gibson rephrased and reframed Farha's comments in posing a question to Casey: "The previous guest....said Look, we are alienating Lebanese - not just Hezbollah, but Lebanese. And yet he doesn't have an explanation as to how the Lebanese would ever have disarmed Hezbolalh. Are we forcing the disarmament on the Lebanese who are unwilling to do it themselves?"

Framed like that, Gibson made it appear that the Lebanese want Hezbollah to remain when Farha made it clear that the majority wants them gone. Casey was having none of it, good for him, and stated that the government of Lebanon agrees with the world community on the goals of UNSR 1559. He lost me when he said the US role right now was supporting Lebanon's democratically elected government. The US has not joined the world in calling for a cease fire and instead has rushed more bombs to Israel.

There were a couple of segments today NOT on Israel (Mel Gibson and Cuba/Fidel Castro got the lion's share) but there was still excessive and biased coverage of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Nothing on Iraq - you know, where our US soldiers are?

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