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Geraldo Comforts O'Reilly During Mel Gibson Segment

Reported by Deborah - August 2, 2006 -

Geraldo appeared tonight on The Factor to talk about Mel Gibson and as the conversation progressed, O'Reilly began identifying with Gibson's plight with the media. As his anger with the "corporate masters" and "smear merchants" increased to a level of personal distress, Geraldo stepped in to comfort his friend.8/2/06

Geraldo was not ready to forgive Gibson and shared an experience he had in Israel earlier with a memner of Hamas responsible for a terror attack on Israel which disrupted peace progress there at a crucial time. The man said the same thing that Gibson said. "Are you a Jew? Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Geraldo claimed that had he been the cop arresting Gibson, he would have hit him adding that everyone should make up their own minds about seeing Gibson's movies.

O'Reilly, making sure to say there is no excuse for Gibson's behavior, started to get agitated claiming there is a point when they " enjoy the suffering of the rich and powerful. They have blood all over their mouths, these vampires!" He ranted for a few more seconds saying in a satisfied but almost childish way, "Anybody celebrating your suffering is a bad person!"

At this point O'Reilly seemed to have moved from Mel Gibson to himself continuing to chastize the " smear merchants"and corporations who permit it. Geraldo stepped in with comforting words to calm him with no success.
"I say we should call these people out!" O'Reilly blurted.

Geraldo tried to tell O'Reilly that both of them shouldn't care what people say, Then Geraldo, never a master of tact, probably referred to Olbermann calling him "the shmuck at MSNBC"

O'Reilly shifted back to Gibson asking if he had been hurt enough adding in a commanding proclamation. " Nobody here is allowed to apologize for Mel Gibson but Mel Gibson!"

Geraldo continued the comfort session putting down Comedy Central claiming they make money with home videos and are " lost in a little place where they count for nothing."
O'Reilly ws suddenly struck by his friend's compassion joking that he was going to cry and labeling Geraldo's advice "The Tao of Geraldo."

comment: Last night O'Reilly told Lisa Bernhard that people should sue bloggers complaining they have the power to destroy lives in an instant. He was very upset by the things revealed about Charlie Sheen by his ex wife and also mentioned John Lennon.I found those choices rather revealing especially John Lennon. Maybe he's finally become aware of karmic law which would surely explain his recent anxiety.