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Ann Coulter demoted to Big Story; suggests we should invade Cuba, too.

Reported by Chrish - August 2, 2006 -

The vicious one got two sentences into her commentary on The Bitch Story, oops, Big Story today 8/1/06 before she blamed Democrats' incompetence, under JFK, for Communism in Cuba. By the third sentence she was repeating herself about the "typical incompetent Democrat move" of withdrawing air cover during the Bay of Pigs. Of course it's much more complicated than that, but Coulter oversimplifies it into a useful if not entirely accurate soundbite.

Steered back to the present day by Gibson, she says Cuba is a tiny little tin-pot dictatorship and could be Bush's Grenada. Asked by a laughing Gibson if she meant we should inade Cuba, too, she said with a toss, "yeah, the Cubans could do it if we gave them air cover this time." But, she has mixed feelings; she doesn't want the Cubans who are here to go back, she wants them to stay here - and to keep voting. Presumably they are legally able to vote in Florida, unlike herself.

Coulter (43 or 45) is certain they have some monstrous Communist dictator ("probably some spring chicken at 72.") to take over from Raoul (75), Castro's younger brother who is interim dictator while Castro recuperates and who is reportedly even tougher than Fidel (80).

Apparently pleased with her keen insight and analysis, Gibson asked her to talk about the Middle East. What do you know, we'll win this war on Islamo-fascism (formerly known as the war on terror - I guess with the bombing at Qana it's become a little less bright a line) as long as we don't ever put another Democrat in the White House. She accuses (all) Democrats of obsessing with Osama bin Laden and not getting that it's much bigger than just one man. In fact, she ponders whether there could be an American Idol type competition between OBL and Nassallah. Ha, what a (t)wit!

Gibson asks if we (Israel) will have to stop this short of getting rid of Hezzbollah entirely, or can we reasonably expect Israel to completely disarm them?

Coulter maintains that this is the problem, "we never fight these wars to the end. We shoot a few, you know, rockets into Syria as we're pulling out of Beirut after Hezbollah kills 241 of our Marines in 1983. We always, you know, have a little skirmish with them and then pull out again. Well, OK, you keep doing that, after 30 years you get 9/11." (Note how she didn't bash Republican Ronald Reagan for that action in 1983, nor did she venture into Bush Senior's Gulf War , which directly predicated our involvement now in Iraq.)

Further evidencing her utter callousness, she laughed at a question from Gibson about the State Department's exhorting Israel to "finish this thing quickly" in response to the killing in Qana. Coulter's take? "Fighting in the war room. That's why we have so much contempt for the State Department."

WHY does FOX continue to give this criminal harridan a soapbox? O yeah, hard-right conservative religious extremists are always welcome on FOX.