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Sean Hannity and Oliver North want to bring the same “success” in Iraq to the rest of the Middle East.

Reported by Ellen - August 1, 2006 -

It’s bad enough that nearly all the guests on Hannity & Colmes are Israel-apologists but presenting Oliver North, a proven liar and arms-seller to the Iranians, as a go-to guy for perspective on the Israeli-Lebanon war, is a downright insult to the American public. North and his buddy Sean Hannity spent two segments salivating on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/31/06) over a widened conflict in the Middle East. When confronted by Alan Colmes with the results of the war we’re already in, both North and Hannity insisted it’s going well and helping to bring peace to the region.

All the now-familiar neocon buzzwords flew during the discussion between North and Hannity: North told Hannity, “Hezbollah started this whole thing.” Hannity told North, “Colonel, I have said since 9/11 we’re in the middle of World War III.” (Comment: I’ve been watching Hannity on a near daily basis for more than a year and I never heard him say that until the Israeli-Lebanon war began) North told Hannity, “What’s happening today in southern Lebanon is both a terrible risk and a great opportunity.”

There’s not much doubt which way North and Hannity see it. Hannity said, “I’m really scared what the ultimate result of this will be if we don’t stop (Islamic facism) now.” North said self-importantly, “Let me make a point here, Sean, that’s very important for all of our viewers. Hezbollah is not just an Israeli problem. It is a problem for the United States. I have a little expression that says ‘Know your enemy.’ Well, that’s not just a military slogan. It’s essential for us if we’re gonna survive in this disorder of global Islamic terror. Hezbollah is and has always been America’s enemy. And other than Al Qaeda, no other terrorist organization has killed as many Americans as Hezbollah.”

Is Israel’s military action really the way to defeat Hezbollah? So far, it doesn’t look that way. But there was nobody on the show to raise that question.

Colmes asked if it wasn’t true that the Israelis would do better fighting Hezbollah on the ground, rather than using air strikes that kill civilians, given that Hezbollah intersperses itself among civilians and uses them as human shields.

North, playing up his military persona, nonetheless made it clear that Lebanese civilian lives are less important than the lives of the Israeli military. “Well, easy for us to say but ground combat, which is the worst experience a human being can ever have, is the kind of thing where you have a lot more casualties on the friendly side. And the Israelis are trying to minimize not only the civilian casualties in Lebanon but also casualties to their own military.”

Colmes seemed to be questioning the value of further military force in the region when he asked, “The Vice President of Iraq today… lashed out against Israel, expressed solidarity for Hezbollah. Maliki, when he was here last week, refused to condemn Hezbollah. This is the government we helped set up in Iraq and… the administration was claiming ‘We go into Iraq, peace in the Middle East, it will help the Palestinian-Israeli issue.’ None of that has happened. So what went wrong here?”

North couldn’t answer. In a condescending tone, he gave the ridiculous response, “Alan, Alan, Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democrat Party says stuff in this country that I find to be almost as offensive.”

Colmes sounded more than a little exasperated as he said, “This has nothing to do with Howard Dean, Ollie, answer my question.”

North sounded a tad rattled as he said, “Alan, please. Maliki’s playing to his base. He’s playing to his political base. He is a Shi’a Muslim. There’s no Shi’a Muslim leader anywhere on the earth gonna stand up and applaud Israel for killing Hezbollah.” He still had not answered Colmes’ question.

Colmes, more emphatically, said: “That’s the problem. We have an Islamic regime in Iraq, it says so in the Constitution that we helped elect when we went in there and did regime change. Is this the result you thought would happen when you supported the invasion of Iraq?”

“Alan, Alan, yeah. Alan.” North was definitely flustered.

“But it was supposed to be a democratic regime that we were gonna help create to bring peace to the Mid-East, including the Arab-Israeli conflict. None of that has happened.”

Hannity interrupted. “We gotta run.” Once again, Colmes got much less time than Hannity (roughly a minute and a half, to Hannity’s two and a half minutes)

Colmes continued. “What happened, Ollie?”

North answered, “All of which, by the way, is happening, Alan. Hold your breath. Take a deep breath. Take a fix. Whatever you need. It’ll be better.”

Hannity added, “It IS better and free elections prove it is. And it’s getting better every day.”

I discovered an interesting article, originally published in Playboy, about North's proclivity for deceit that I just bookmarked. It's from 1994 but just as relevant as ever.