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Israel Not Responsible for Qana Tragedy - Losing "PR" War Because They Apologized

Reported by Janie - August 1, 2006 -

During "Special Report" last night (7/31) the "All Star Panel", orchestrated by substitute host Brian Wilson, briefly tackled the topic of the Israeli bombing of an apartment building in Qana. NPR's Mara Liasson took the opportunity to point out that Israel is failing to amass international support for their offensive due to poor "PR". "The Weekly Standard's" Fred Barnes agreed, but not for the same reason. Barnes crassly explained Israel is losing the "PR" game because they dared apologize for the accidental bombing.

During the "All Star Panel", Fred Barnes insensitively faltered,

"I think Mara was touching on one thing, and that was that as well as the Israelis may have done militarily, and we don't even know how well they've done yet, they have waged probably the worst public relations war of anyone of any country, person, politician ever. I mean, they shouldn't have apologized for the bombing in Qana. They should have said look, the blood is on Hezbollah's hands, they knew that it's a war crime to use civilians as a shield, and that's what they were doing. It's Hezbollah's fault, not Israel's. But, instead they apologized."

Barnes claims Hezbollah was using these particular civilians as human shields, which is not the case. He is merely giving the official Israeli stance, and misleads the viewers to believe these civilians were murdered because Hezbollah was present in this particular building, or was specifically using these civilians as shields.

"All Star" Panelist Mort Kondracke also took the opportunity to provide his two cents on the Qana bombing:

"The incident that triggered all this, this bombing in Qana, which - where 60 or 70 people, or whatever, were killed. Was not a massacre as it's being represented in the Arab world and Europe. It was an accident, it was a tragedy."

Simply to clarify for viewers that were watching this travesty: While the numbers are not definite of the total number of casualties from this bombing, we do know that 37 of those who lost their lives were children. But in Kondracke's world that equates to "whatever".

What makes all of these sentiments even worse, is that according to reports (even made by Fox News) there were no members of Hezbollah in the town during the bombardment, nor were there any men of fighting age.