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Is Fox Copying CNN's Situation Room?

Reported by Donna - August 1, 2006 -

On CNN they have the Situation Room with several split screens. Now it seems that Studio B might be cashing in on their idea. In the last few days Studio B with Shepard Smith has had a point in their show where they have a 4 way split screen.

They just do it once during the show but it seems pretty much to copy what CNN does. Studio does it after the half hour news report, todays 4 screen split included 1) Monitoring the health of Castro (though Smith had no idea how the U.S. would do that. 2) The Hezbollah/Israeli conflict. 3) Gaza and 4) the heat wave.

Comment: With Fox's numbers declining in the 18 - 54 year old demographic, could it be that they are using the techniques of their competitors to try and regain their numbers?