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Fox Keeps Calling Israeli Offensive - A 'Defensive' Battle

Reported by Donna - August 1, 2006 -

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) he spoke several times about the Israeli defense being in heavy fighting with Hezbollah.

Not only was it spoken it was also put up on the banner, 'Israel defense in heavy fighting with Hezbollah.' While this banner was up on the screen Hemmer talked about how a small Lebanese town was getting 'hammered' by an air strike from above. (Comment: Now, if he wanted to speak about the proper term of the Israeli Army he could have referred to it as the IDF or Israeli Defense Forces, but he worded it so that people would get it in their minds that Israel is fighting a defensive battle)

Hemmer also managed to extend the time for a cease fire, at least in the minds of the Fox viewers. Remember yesterday that Condoleeza Rice said she believed they could have a cease fire by the end of the week? Well today Hemmer spoke with a guest and said this battle could take a few days, a week or several weeks.

Comments: Fox positions Israel as being on the 'defensive' and starts the propoganda on lengthening the time until there may be a ceasefire. Pretty soon Fox will just disregard that Rice ever said this.

I believe that everything Fox does is perfecty scripted - there's a meaning behind every carefully phrased sentence.