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Condoleezza Rice Tells Bill O'Reilly Nothing New

Reported by Deborah - August 1, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly's interview with Condoleeza Rice tonight on The Factor did not inform or comfort viewers. Rice answered every question with short unrevealing answers. Acting like it was a press conference instead of an interview, she had her few talking points to deliver and that was it. 8/1/06

Asked about the ground war now going on in Lebanon, Rice didn't respond with information but instead talked about how important it is not to return to the "status quo" after the fighting is over to insure a " cease fire that is lasting and enduring."

O'Reilly asked if she knew that Hezbollah had been building up arms in Lebanon and Rice gave another stock answer claiming that Hezbollah had improved due to the "largesse of Iran and Syria." When O'Reilly pressed her for some details that could inform the viewers, Rice repeated the charges against Iran and Syria.

Then he shifted to the charges made by the press that Israel was too violent, of course, naming, LA Times, New York Times and Boston Globe adding that the U.S. image is taking a beating. Although this got a slight reaction from Rice, she still managed to say very little to inform or comfort the viewers.
" The U.S. does what is right. We think the violence should end."
Then she went back to the talking point about an enduring peace that we have heard over and over.

O'Reilly seemed determined to connect with Rice bringing in some French bashing to maybe cut the ice. She cracked a smile but would not engage. A mention of some criticism from Richard Armitage got here attention briefly but Condoleeza Rice, the person, never emerged..