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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of July 24th

Reported by Janie - July 31, 2006 -

Lt. Ralph Peters won 32% of last week's vote for his over-the-top accusations on the O'Reilly Factor:

"Israel has very few friends, as you observed: the United States, other English speaking countries... Much of the rest of the world wishes the Holocaust had succeeded." - 7/17/06

This week's selection is full of Fox regulars, with bully Bill O'Reilly once again leading the pack. Take a look below the fold, and let us know which you feel is the most Outrageous Quote of the Week!

Option A: O'Reilly and Judge Napolitano discussing Judge Sakamoto in Hawaii, who sentenced repeat child sexual offender Christopher Brainerd to five years in prison and not the max, ten years:

BOR: "Hawaii is ridiculous. Hawaii and Vermont are the worst states in the union for this stuff."

JAN: "Judge Sakamoto called him a serious sexual predator. Why not put him away for the max?"

BOR: "With Judge Sakamoto - in the same cell, I wanna do that..." - The O'Reilly Factor, 7/24/06

Option B: "Now that Hezbollah has taken the lead in the fight against Israel, is Al Queda feeling a bit left out?" - John Gibson, The Big Story, 7/26/06

Option C: BOR to guest, former Ambassador David Scheffer, on the UN force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), shows his ignorance of the UN's role in world affairs: "...you are making an excuse for the UN which I think is so impotent, there isn't enough Viagra in the world . These people aren't going to protect us, they don't know what's going on, and Annan is a shill. He's not helping in the war on terror." - The O'Reilly Factor - 7/26/06

Option D: HILL: "Great. It's just summer. You have to plan ahead. We've talked about - you know - personal responsibility. You can't help it if you're gonna get - you know - black - if there's a blackout - but you realize that, in the summer ..."

DOOCY: "It's gonna be hot."

HILL: "... it gets hot."

DOOCY: "Right."

HILL: "You're gonna have air conditioning bills. Mine's through the roof (waves hand). It's crazy. But you plan for it."

DOOCY: "By the way, this winter? Cold. Plan on it." - E.D. Hill and Steve Doocy discussing California's rolling-blackouts, Fox & Friends, 7/26/06

Option E: "Oh, why don't we just send Cynthia McKinney in there and slap Hezbollah upside the head? I think that's the Democrats' secret plan actually, to get back congress." - Elizabeth MacDonald, Your World with Neil Cavuto, 7/26/06