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Fox Guest David Gergen Gets Cut Off On FNL - Come Too Close To Putting Down The Bush Administration?

Reported by Donna - July 31, 2006 -

In a surprising turn today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) he found himself with a usual Bush- administration-friendly guest who was going against grain and he was cut off early. Because of what he was saying? I think so. You can read for yourself and make up your own mind.

Hemmer spoke with U.S. World and News Reports, David Gergen, today on the mideast conflict.

The following is my transcript between the two.

Bill Hemmer asked David Gergen where the middle east stands now.

David Gergen: (Shaking his head back and forth) Well, Bill we look forward to the president's interview on your channel later today. This has turned in a public relations disaster for the United States and for Israel and could wel be heading toward a diplomatic and military disaster.

Israel is now caught in a terrible bind because if it continues with the shelling, with the conflict, uh, then it faces a very (his emphasis) difficult future. You're talking about the rest of the Arab world ganging up on it and the rest of the Arab wolrld being very against the United States which makes our job in Iran and Iraq much, much harder.

On the other hand, if Israel stops now it leaves Hezbollah claiming a victory (overtalk). The leader of Hezbollah will emerge from the rubble and say, you know, we won, we stood up to them, and that's going to make it a fantasy to believe that all of a sudden the Lebanese government is suddenly going to disarm Hezbollah if they stop tomorrow.

Bill Hemmer: You know David, as you're answering that Ohmert is now speaking in Tel Aviv. Moments ago he said he was sorry for the deaths of the women and children in Qana in the attack early Sunday morning. (Comment: I thought this was a convenient place to insert this remark)

You know the one thing you learn by speaking with Israelis covering this story in northern Israel is that Israel will go as far as it takes until they make a mistake. And over the weekend that was clearly a mistake. But does that change things now? Moments ago we heard Ohlmert say that there was no ceasefire, no ceasefire coming for days now?

Gergen: Well, I just don't think that' a sustainable position, you know. And the Israelis back in the 90's twice turned to the United States and said that offensives it had going and lots of them were counterproductive. And this offensive has become counterproductive in terms of the propoganda victory it's giving to the other side and the way (his emphasis), unbelievably, we are now driving rival Arab groups together to form one big Anti American, Anti Israel, faction. (Comment: And this is how Bush is fighting the war on terror?)

You know, we have people who we're paying for, we built the darn government in Iraq and now thery're turning on Israel. Moment of truth. (Hemmer: "Ok." He was getting ready to cut him off at this point) They're not turning on Hezbolah, the terrorist orgainization. They're attacking Israel.

Hemmer: David, I apologize for cutting you off there. We've got to run with all the breaking news.

Comment: Only there wasn't much breaking news today and Hemmer recapped some items and went to a break. I think Gergen was getting too close to the truth there and was coming down on the Bush administration and Hemmer got a voice in his ear telling him to cut the segment short, it wasn't going as they had anticipated.