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Bill O'Reilly Just Wanted To Know About The Monkey

Reported by Deborah - July 31, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly got really frustrated tonight with his guest, Osama Siblani, Arab American News, who came on The Factor to discuss a cartoon of Condoleezza Rice published in the Palestinian media which O'Reilly insisted was racist. The cartoon showed Rice pregnant with a monkey referring to her rhetoric about about the birth of a new Middle East and O'Reilly just didn't understand what the monkey symbolized. 7/31/06

Sibliani thought it was ridiculous to call Arabs racist telling O'Reilly that half come from African and have black skin. Bill wasn't going to let that stop him insisting that they could be self haters fueling racism. Siblani had a look of amused contempt after that comment.

O'Reilly got right to his monkey issue telling Siblani. " I've never seen a monkey in conjunction with anything in the Middle East." Siblani knew he had to come up with something so he said the "monkey represented a pre mature birth" adding with mild annoyance , "The monkey's not even black."

This response really frustrated BOR who lashed out,
" I'm not getting the monkey and you're not explaining it". You don't give birth to a monkey if you're human!"

Insisting that it was a "racist deal" O'Reilly claimed that Rice's skin color was mentioned too many times. "They mentioned it 15 times!!" Siblani made light of the names they gave Rice like" Black Spinster." At this point Siblani was compelled to come out with the truth that he had been avoiding telling O'Reilly that Rice and Bush are hated and thought of as "killers". Siblani wanted to continue but O'Reilly was only interested in that monkey

Poor O'Reilly was forced to end the segment without getting a decent answer to the monkey riddle. The King of Cable does so hate being out of the loop so does anyone have any ideas?