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Laura Ingraham Shows Off Her FOX Moves

Reported by Deborah - July 29, 2006 -

Laura Ingraham took over for Bill O'Reilly last night , 7/28/06/, displaying all the traits FOX News values in their prime time hosts. She was dismissive, judgemental, partisan, arrogant and unfair while maintaining a friendly smile and welcoming facade. While other FOX hosts treat opposing voices like sinister forces of darkness, Ingraham comes off like anyone who disagrees with her is a harmless idiot to be scorned and dismissed adding a fresh dimension to FNC's overworked smear playbook. Ingraham was able to show off her FOX moves during a segment with Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink.

Medea Benjamin, came on to discuss her recent arrest following her protest during Al-Malaki's speech. The segment opened with a clip of Benjamin being dragged out by Capitol Hill Police. Ingraham calling her a "heckler" jokingly acted impressed with the charges she recieved for protesting.

Benjamin was confident, calm , articulate and pleasant while enduring the predictable insults. Ingraham criticized her behavior claiming she acted like a " 12 year old". Benjamin said that she recieved hundreds of positive e-mails and Ingraham scoffed , " Hundreds?"

Then Ingraham asked a very FOXish question wondering what woudl happen if Benjamin had protested in Iraq under Saddam's rule. Benjamin didn't hesitate acknowledging that she would be in prison and maybe killed adding that she was against Saddam Hussein long ago while Rumsfeld was shaking his hand. Ingraham had the nasty retort ready.
" That's a John Lennon song. What's your plan?" At the end of the segment after Benjamin had made several sound points, Ingraham got in her final dig . Thanking her for appearing she mumbled dismissively, " Glad you're out of jail."

comment: Was this an audition for Ingraham? She just might be abrasive and blonde enough to make the FOX cut.