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FOX News And Sean Hannity Distort Reality Of Israeli War Protest

Reported by Ellen - July 28, 2006 -

Sean Hannity and FOX News portrayed what seems to have been a peaceful protest in Boston against Israeli actions in the Middle East as a violent pro-terrorist rally.

The protest was described as prayerful in both the Boston Herald and Boston Globe. Neither paper mentioned any violence or support for terrorism. Yet Hannity described the event thusly on last night’s (7/27/06) Hannity & Colmes: “Muslim and Christian groups stepped out to protest Israel’s action in defense of its nation. Now according to our next guest, that was advertised as a pro-Palestine, pro-Lebanon rally and it turned into a frenzy of violence and harassment as the crowd quickly transformed into a Hezbollah support group.”

Hannity played video of a confrontation between the protesters and pro-Israeli guest (is there any other kind on H&C?) Seva Brodsky. Brodsky claimed to have gone to the protest just because he was curious and, as he told it, he was going to be in the area anyway. There was no explanation why he happened to have his video camera with him, too.

While Brodsky spoke, “Harassed at Pro-Hezbollah Protest” appeared on the screen. This, less than a week after a liberal blogger was scorned by Hannity and ejected from his own “Freedom Concert” for the sin of having a different political opinion. I’ll bet that’s not included in the “highlights” from the concert on video on the Hannity & Colmes webpage. I couldn’t stand to watch.

During his portion of the interview, Alan Colmes said that the protest was not pro-Hezbollah, that it was sponsored by a moderate Muslim group working to find commonality with the Jewish community. This is in keeping with both the newspaper accounts and the webpage of the organizers, the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation.

But Brodsky said, “That may appear so on paper oftentimes and this is what they may say to the media. Very often, it turns into something else.” For example, Brodsky said, “From what I have heard, (one of the speakers, name unintelligible) he’s very soft-spoken, he’s very presentable. However, he was caught on video by other people with very hateful messages.” Brodsky added accusingly, “People need to know about that.” Unlike, say, frequent FOX News guest and Freedom Concert notable Ann Coulter?

No spokesperson for the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation was there to rebut the accusations.

“Freedom loving” Hannity said ominously, “I can only hope that our government identified those people holding up their pro-terrorist signs that are in the United States of America. I hope we pay attention to that.”

Later, at the end of the second part of the interview with Bill Frist (on video), Hannity boasted about the tolerance of Republicans. “Republicans don’t go try and torture somebody who has a different point of view, like Senator Lieberman.”