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Where Do They Get This Stuff?!

Reported by Melanie - July 26, 2006 -

Elizabeth MacDonald, a Senior Editor at Forbes Magazine, a frequent guest on Your World w/Cavuto and on Fox's Saturday morning "business news" program, Forbes on Fox, participated in a roundtable discussion today on Your World. The roundtable segment followed an appearance by George Allen (R-Va) who smugly chewed the fat with Cavuto about how wrong Democrats are to "play politics" with the Iraq war by boycotting Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki's speech before a joint session of congress today.

The topic of the roundtable was whether a solution to the Mideast situation might be to "buy out" Hezbollah. That, hypothetically, being less expensive than waging war against it and groups like it. MacDonald was the second participant to speak and the first thing she said was,

Oh, why don't we just send Cynthia McKinney in there and slap Hezbollah upside the head? I think that's the Democrats' secret plan actually, to get back congress.

Comment: What?! Where do they get this stuff? Not only are Democrats almost completely shut out as guests on Fox News, their positions are never fully explained. Instead, Fox's audience hears an endless barrage of crazy remarks like this all day long. You can imagine the cumulative effect.

UPDATE: On July 31, 2006, Elizabeth MacDonald contacted me taking issue with this post. With her permission, I have reprinted her statement below.

I've always enjoyed reading your website, thanks so much for the hard work you do.

However, my comment about Cynthia McKinney was taken out of context, plus it was not meant to be taken as seriously as Melanie did, it was meant as a satirical response to the idea of paying off Hezbollah as a solution to the Middle East crisis.

I made the joke about McKinney to highlight what I think it a joke too, that is the idea that paying off Hezbollah would stop the fighting. Your report here fails to disclose the full discussion, it stops after my rather feeble attempt at satire. In fact, the segment went on for much longer. Indeed, you fail to report not only what I but another panelist said, that we thought Hezbollah would merely use the money not for peaceful means but to wipe Israel off the planet. Many Democrats have since agreed with what I said. If you could please amend your report here, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Best of luck to you all, and thanks so much for watching.


Elizabeth MacDonald
Senior Editor
Forbes Magazine