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The Big Story renamed The Only Story

Reported by Chrish - July 26, 2006 -

Well, not really, but they could. For the nth day in a row today 7/26/06, the ONLY story on FOX's Big Story was a play by play vivesection of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah/Lebanon.

Rick Leventhal, FOX correspondent, reporting from Kiryat Shmona, Israel

Dr. Gal Luft, former Lt. Colonel, Israel Defense Force and now co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security (IAGS)

Jonathan Hunt, FOX News contributor and known UN-hater, reporting from Beirut.

Amy Kellogg, FOX News reporter in Haifa, Israel, which is getting "hammered" according to Gibson, but Kellogg reports that "only two" katyusha rockets hit there today out of 150 reported strikes.

Kellogg reported that the Foreign Minister of Israel (unnamed ) visited for a "morale booster" and she was grilled about the deaths of the UN workers yesterday. She expressed apologies and said it was an accident; end of story.

Dana Lewis, FOX News, from Gaza City, Gaza.

Republican Rep. Pete Hoekstra, recently returned from a bi-partisan Congressional delegation to the region.

R.P. Eddy, former National Security Council Counterterror Director (Clinton administration) , Senior Fellow on Counterterrorism at Manhattan Institute: on Ahmanidjehad's call for cease-fire. He does not believe that Iran instigated this conflict; rather, he thinks Hezbollah had internal motivation, i.e. they wanted to remain a military force in Lebanon and not just a political party. They got more than they reckoned for, is Eddy's thinking.

Rudy Bakhtiar, FOX News, on Nassallah's television campaigns ("propaganda"). Of particular interest was Gibson's observation that Nassalah, while having a wide reach (estimated at 200 million) is basically preaching to the choir: "it's target audience is it's own people." I'll concede that Gibson knows a lot about that.

Headlines went briefly off topic: Andrea Yates found not guilty; Saddam Hussein prefers death by firing squad over hanging; CIA Director Michael Hayden says warrants for phone taps makes tracking Al Queda "much more difficult" and takes his complaints to the Senate; Gerald Ford released from hospital after 2 days.

Back to Israel: Rick Leventhal again "re-setting" the Big Story.

Wait, what's this? A segment from Bret Baier at the White House on Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki's address to a joint session of Congress. "He spoke about stopping terror and appreciating continued US support", but let's talk about the fact that he did not condemn the actions of Hezbollah against Israael today in his speech. Relations between him and Bush seem to have cooled off.

Robert Strang, CEO of Investigative Management and Corporate Security, on whether Al Queda is "feeling left out" because Hezbollah is getting all this attention. No, they're working in concert and they're here. It's more important than ever to allow phone taps and email monitoring in the US. (Comment: Which begs the question: if we've been fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them here, what went wrong? Was it perhaps a faulty premise to begin, nothing more than a slogan?)

Last but not least, Judge Andrew Napolitano on the legality of Israel's response (he says the response is legal. They can literally chase Hezbollah anywhere they go and use whatever force necessary.) JAN says that if a country knowingly harbors Hezbollah they become vulnerable to attacks on their infrastructure. The US has Hezbollah within our borders, but we are actively looking for them. Lebanon, on the other hand, is "harboring" them.
It is Israel's sense of morality that prompts them to give civilians advance warning before they bomb apartment buildings that they think house Hezbollah members.

So another day of virtually all Israel/Hezbollah news.

FOX and the Bush administration never do things without an agenda, so one wonders where this is all leading. I think the segment with Strang is the lead we've been waiting for. More on that later.

Amend: In what must have been an instinctive moment of preservation I missed the last segment: Robert Novak. There, that balances the show out - not!