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E. D. Hill: Heartless Harridan Disses Hapless Heat-Wave Victims

Reported by Marie Therese - July 26, 2006 -

Marie Antoinette,the Queen of France who eventually lost her head during the Reign of Terror, became infamous for the comment she allegedly made when questioned about how to help the starving people of Paris. "Let them eat cake," she is reported to have said. On this morning's FOX & Friends First E. D. Hill did a great imitation of the French queen during a discussion of the terrible heat waves that have caused death, blackouts, brown outs, medical problems, crop failure and livestock deaths throughout the country.

Her co-host Mike Jerrick noted that 56 people have died in California from heat-related causes and "thousands and thousands" of head of cattle have died. Steve Doocy, F&F's erstwhile weatherman, mentioned that there have been over ten days of temperatures over 100 degrees in California. "It's the first time in over fifty years," Doocy said, "that the northern portion of the state and the southern portion of the state have simultaneous heat waves." FOX then aired a video clip of a Sacramento woman looking very distressed saying that it was 100 degrees at night. Doocy went on to say that although California has plenty of electricity, the heat has caused transmission lines to fail.

After briefly discussing the good news that after two week the power is finally back on in Queens, New York, they moved on to St. Louis' situation because it gave them another opportunity to poor-mouth the Reverend Al Sharpton and "his constituents". Sharpton is not in the Senate or the House of Representatives and lives in New York, so one can only wonder why Doocy used the term "constituents". In the course of denigrating Sharpton, Hill and to a lesser extent Doocy showed that, when it comes to poor people, they share a common philosophy with the former Queen of France.

STEVE DOOCY: Also, in St. Louis it has been absolutely desperate. They still have about 145,000 people without heat [sic] out there, because the storms knocked out 600,000 customers last wek. Al Sharpton has injected himself into the St. Louis power debate and he says ...

E. D. "EDITH ANN" HILL: What does he have to do with it?

DOOCY: Well, he says that the power company - not doing enough to help the poor people and working class people and he has asked for the power company to cut their rate by 10% to his constituents (sic). (looks into camera) Thank you, Reverend Al. While you're at it, how about doin' something about mine?

HILL: Great. It's just summer. You have to plan ahead. We've talked about - you know - personal responsibility. You can't help it if you're gonna get - you know - black - if there's a blackout - but you realize that, in the summer ...

DOOCY: It's gonna be hot.

HILL: ... it gets hot.

DOOCY: Right.

HILL: You're gonna have air conditioning bills. Mine's through the roof (waves hand). It's crazy. But you plan for it.

DOOCY: By the way, this winter? Cold. Plan on it.


Doocy's dismissal of poor people with that last snide crack is beneath contempt.

However, I saw red when Queen Edith waved her hand and said "But you plan for it!"

Newsflash, Queenie!

Most poor people don't have air conditioning because (a) they can' t afford to buy a window unit and/or (b) they can't afford to run it night and day and/or (c) pennypinching landlords haven't brought the buildings up to code.

I know.

I was pricing them the other day and I, who would be considered on the low end of moderate income scale, can't afford to buy one or pay to run it. In addition, even if I could, the house I rent is not completely up to code and a huge energy guzzling AC unit would trigger the circuit breaker every five minutes.