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Fox Likes To Hear Things Go Boom

Reported by Donna - July 25, 2006 -

On Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) there was almost a cavalier attitude about the Israeli/Lebanon conflict. It's the way in which Hemmer refers to what is actually going on in the conflict.

He referred several times to the howitzers acting almost like they were conducting "target practice." Then he'd point out different parts on a hill and how the explosions were going off, some from the howitzers, others air strikes from F-16's.

He'd come back from another reporter and a you could hear a blast and Hemmer would say, "Whoa, there we are, right there, (James?)." Advising the cameraman to go to the latest blast area. He kept elaborating about the plumes of smoke, the mushroom clouds and the sparks from the Katyusha rockets. He and other reporters talked about the 500 lb. and 1,000 lb. bombs the F-16 planes dropped. At another point he said, "What a spectacular display." He then added that he meant that in the most sincere way.

Comments: An almost adolescent report from the Lebanon/Israeli border today. It was like Hemmer was excited with the blasts that were going on around him. Nothing really new to report from Israel or Lebanon today, Fox is going to try and keep audiences hooked with the rocket and bomb blasts.