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Fox Contributor Admits Iraq War is About Protecting "Our Oil"

Reported by Melanie - July 25, 2006 -

Neil Cavuto hosted a roundtable discussion today (July 25, 2006) about whether the U.S. should "stop devoting money and resources to the Mideast." Before beginning the discussion, Cavuto pointed to a poll that ran on his site overnight in which 73% of the respondents voted yes.

One of the roundtable participants was Tobin Smith, identified in his Fox News bio as a, "contributing market analyst." Smith appears regularly on Your World and on Fox's Saturday morning "business news" program, Bulls & Bears.

Early in the discussion, Cavuto turned to Smith and said:

We have a hard enough time tracking where money went to Katrina victims let alone victims half a world away. What do you make of that?

Smith replied,

Well, Neil, I think the poll you, ah, said, is not reacting to giving aid to Lebanon because aid to Lebanon is a drop in the bucket. I think the poll was more about the money that we've spent in the Mideast in general both in Iraq and whatever and I think the bigger issue is that it's about oil. It's always been about oil and when we're investing to protect our oil, the American public has got to know that as long as we have 3% of the oil and we use 25% of the oil, we're gonna be at the [inaudible] of these guys and we gotta have boots on the sand there to protect our oil.

Emphasis added.

A few minutes later Smith added this:

I would say, again, why don't we put a dollar tax on gasoline and take that money to fund our investment in the Mideast because the only reason we're there is for oil. It's not for democracy. It's for oil!

Comment: Okay, so it's not that big a deal to hear this "news" (though it might be to the average Fox viewer), but it does strike me that a Fox employee is one of the first to admit it in such plain language. What is outrageous is the notion that the natural resources of a foreign country belong to the U.S. I wonder what Smith would say if, oh, the Japanese decided that the Rocky Mountains belonged to them and they invaded us to protect them.