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Chris Matthews Savages the Bushies on "Imus in the Morning"

Reported by Marie Therese - July 25, 2006 -

Granted. This is not directly a FOX News story. This morning I watched Imus in the Morning and was shocked when Chris Matthews completely eviscerated the Bush administration. He could not stop talking (nothing new) and wouldn't let Don Imus get in a question. Crooks & Liars has it posted. This is "must see" video, since it comes on a day when reports are circulating that lots of Republican candidates are desperate to distance themselves from Bush, Iraq has virtually descended into a civil war and Condi Rice resembles a deer caught in the headlights as the realities of Middle East politics finally penetrate her narrow-minded world view. The U. S. is in deep doo-doo and even the stalwarts in the co-opted corporate media have begun to realize it.

Matthews on Imus: Pencil Neck Foreign Policy