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4 UN peacekeepers and #2 Hezbollah leader killed by Israeli bombs

Reported by Chrish - July 25, 2006 -

Rick Leventhal reported from Israel today 7/25/06 on The Big Story that a top leader of Hezbollah has been killed - perhaps the #2 man in Lebanon. This was the top story in another hour devoted to the "conflict" in the Middle East; note the difference in rhetoric between Gibson and far-right Bill O'Reilly, who is crowing that it is WWIII and he called it first. (Last night on The Factor he played video of himself in the months before the 2004 election commenting that "the real issue is how the Senator and Bush will deal with World War 3..."). You know you're far-right when John Gibson appears reserved in comparison!

Further into the show it was tentatively reported that 4 UN peacekeepers in Lebanon had been killed when their station was apparently deliberately targeted and blown up. It was confirmed later in the show.

With the exception of the headlines at the bottom of the hour presented by Uma Pemmaraju (wildfire in CA threatens luxury homes; a bomb in Baghdad injured 7, and over 3.000 Iraqis have been killed this month; (note how casually and skimpily this horrific news is "covered"); and same sex marriage is under Supreme Court review in Washington state), the entire hour was devoted to coverage of Israel and Hezbollah. There was some history of Hezbollah, some video and reporting from Israel, and numerous commentators. At one point the chyron read "Bush meets Iraqi Prime Minister to discuss anti-terror plan" but the person appearing, a senior advisor to Condaleezza Rice, spoke of her trip to the Middle East.

"Your Word" was presented at the end of the program (the emails received from viewers), and one writer asked what has happened to "My Word", Gibson's daily rant. The segment has been absent since the fighting began in Israel/Lebanon. He assured us that it will return when this "conflict" is over, which should be in 7-10 days.

Comment: This whole thing has the appearance of being choreographed, a la "Wag the Dog." I know the fighting and casualties are real but the extreme coverage to the exclusion of everything else and the weird "scheduling" of it makes the whole thing seem surreally contrived.