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Cavuto Lays it On Thick: Condi Rice as the Second Coming

Reported by Melanie - July 24, 2006 -

If you got your news from Your World w/Neil Cavuto today (July 24, 2006), you would think that Condoleezza Rice's trip to the Middle East was akin to the second coming; that she was going to solve all the problems there and lift the U.S. economy to boot.

Cavuto excitedly opened his show with this promo over a chyron that read, "Rice Rally:"

Well, as the Middle East war drags on, stocks go on a tear! Is Wall Street trying to say that Condi Rice is gonna get a cease fire?

(The "Middle East war," now two weeks old, is dragging on? I wonder how Cavuto would characterize the Iraq war.)

After promoting upcoming guests, Cavuto continued:

This is a Fox News alert! Stocks soar even as gas prices hit a nominal all-time high at the pump. The national average how just under $3.02 a gallon. And, despite that, stocks staging a major rally as you can see, the industrials up 180 points, now comfortably over the 11,000 mark. Is Wall Street demonstrating confidence about Secretary of State Rice? We're on that.

Cavuto introduced himself and continued:

Are the markets telling us to have faith in Condoleezza Rice as she tries to bring stability to the Middle East? More on that in just a moment.

With that, Cavuto turned to Fox reporter James Rosen who is traveling with Rice and reported from Jerusalem. After that it was on to Roy Blunt (R-MO) for a discussion about the "implications for America if Rice trip does not bring peace." Next came a "fair and balanced" segment (Cavuto's words) with Dennis Kucinich about a resolution (No. 450) he introduced in the House calling for a cease-fire and immediate talks amongst all parties with no pre-conditions. After Kucinich, Cavuto headed to a break over another chyron that read "Rice Rally:"

All Right. Market soaring as we said, just as Condoleezza Rice was landing in Beirut. Is there a connection? Our Cashin' In crew will hash that one out.

After the break, the "Cashin' In crew" (one of Fox's four Saturday morning "business news" shows collectively called the "The Cost of Freedom") hashed it out while a chyron at the bottom of the screen read, "Big Rally in Stocks: Wall St. Shows Faith in Sec. Rice?"

Comment: Meanwhile, back on Earth, things couldn't be different. There is already, as there was at the time Your World was broadcast, "discord" over the proposals Rice made to the Lebanese government and the rally on Wall Street had absolutely nothing to do with Rice's trip: U.S. Stocks Rise on HCA Buyout, Earnings From Merck, Schering. What Cavuto's audience saw and heard was nothing but bullsh*t.