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"Birth Pang" Condi Promised Last February the U.S. Would Defend Lebanon Against Invasion

Reported by Marie Therese - July 24, 2006 -

News Hounds Editorial

Today, in the course of a search, I came across a very interesting interview that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave to the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) on February 24, 2006. Additionally, on July 21st the San Francisco Chronicle's Foreign Affairs Correspondent Matthew Kalman reported, "More than a year ago, a senior Israeli army officer began giving PowerPoint presentations, on an off-the-record basis, to U.S. and other diplomats, journalists and think tanks, setting out the plan for the current operation in revealing detail. Under the ground rules of the briefings, the officer could not be identified."

The article continued, saying "In his talks, the officer described a three-week campaign: The first week concentrated on destroying Hezbollah's heavier long-range missiles, bombing its command-and-control centers, and disrupting transportation and communication arteries. In the second week, the focus shifted to attacks on individual sites of rocket launchers or weapons stores. In the third week, ground forces in large numbers would be introduced, but only in order to knock out targets discovered during reconnaissance missions as the campaign unfolded. There was no plan, according to this scenario, to reoccupy southern Lebanon on a long-term basis."

Doesn't this sound suspiciously close to what's going on now? If Washington knew ahead of time about the attack, then they certainly had prepared their "delayed response" scenario ahead of time as well. It would appear that we have all been watching a carefully orchestrated dance of death hatched a year ago in an "off the record" symposium attended by a carefully chosen few.

In the course of her talk with LBC, Rice said "... of course we continue to stand by the Lebanese people so that the Lebanese people know that they will not be intimidated by their neighbors." She went on to refer to the possibility of an attack by Syria. (You can read the entire interview on the website of the United States Embassy, Beirut-Lebanon)

If the San Francisco Chronicle report is correct, Rice knew a year ago that Lebanon's other "neighbor" Israel was planning an attack!

Later on in the interview:

QUESTION: "Mrs. Rice, Lebanese political leaders, and specifically Mr. Saad Hariri, gave the impression that there is a U.S. deadline for the implementation of the 1559. What is this deadline or is it an open deadline?"

[SECRETARY RICE:] "Well, there isn't a deadline for the implementation of Resolution 1559 and it's not, of course, a U.S. resolution; it's a Security Council resolution, and so it is an international obligation of Lebanon to live up to Resolution 1559. We do understand that the Lebanese political system is evolving and that this is a transition period, but ultimately you cannot have a political system in which people try to be both part of the political system and try to maintain an armed militia. That simply isn't acceptable in any political context."

"And so Lebanon needs to work through this, but our very strong view is that all aspects of 1559, including the disarmament of militias, must take place in order for Lebanon to gain its complete and rightful place in the international system."

Again, if the Chronicle report is correct, this is an example of Condoleezza lying, because she knew that there was, in fact, a "deadline" for the implementation of 1559, one set by Israel in collusion with the United States and other "diplomats, journalists and think tanks".

On Saturday in a piece of grim irony, Israel bombed the Beirut offices and towers of the Lebanese Broadcasting Company, which ia partially owned by Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

However interesting all of this is, it is overshadowed by the $64,000 Question:

Which diplomats, journalists and think tanks were given access to a highly classified briefing?

Which journalists that we see or read or listen to every day stood by and did nothing, said nothing while a country was destroyed?

The American public deserves to know their names.

More importantly, the Lebanese government has an absolute right to know those names. Armed with this knowledge, one wonders if Lebanon could sue for punitive damages, forcing the involved diplomats, journalists and think tanks to cough up the billions needed to rebuild Lebanon's infrastructure?

Now, there's an interesting idea!

N. B. Post updated to include link to LBC-Rice interview. MT (7-24-06, 7:50 PM EDT)