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Meanwhile, Back in Iraq

Reported by Judy - July 22, 2006 -

While keeping its audience focused on the TV-war along the Israeli-Lebanese border, Fox News is conveniently ignoring the deepening morass in Iraq. What news has Fox ignored that other news organizations have reported?

First off, according to an Associated Press story, the U.S is sending more troops to Iraq. So much for the withdrawals of two battalions by September announced just a few weeks ago.

And U.S. troops killed five civilians, including a toddler. That should help us win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis.

Then there is the performance of that wonderful new government the U.S. has set up in Iraq. According to The AP, the security situation actually has gotten worse since the prime minister took office May 20. "The Baghdad area recorded an average of 34 major bombings and shootings for the week ending July 13, the U.S. military said. That was up 40 percent from the daily average of 24 registered between June 14 and July 13. Much of the violence was due to sectarian attacks. Months of worsening violence has deepened the distrust between Iraq’s Shiites and Sunnis." Well, that's a surprise.

But at least, the new Iraqi government that Americans paid for with their blood to set up is backing Bush on the Israeli-Lebanese crisis, isn't it? Not according to another AP story. Members of the Iraqi Parliament are calling on the prime minister to cancel his trip to Washington as a protest. The AP reports:

"'Fadhila demands that the prime minister cancel his visit to the U.S. in solidarity with the Lebanese people and over what is going on there, the disasters due to the Zionist aggression amid international silence about these crimes,' party official Sheik Sabah al-Saiedi told The Associated Press.

"Despite public anger over Lebanon, the Shiite political establishment has too much to lose politically by risking its ties with the Americans over the fate of Hezbollah.

"Nevertheless, al-Maliki, a former Shiite activist who spent years in exile in Syria, has condemned Israel's offensive and has complained that the United States and the international community have not done enough to stop it.

"Al-Maliki told reporters he would convey that message personally to Bush.

"'The hostile acts against Lebanon will have effects on the region and we are not far from what is going on in Lebanon,' al-Maliki said. 'We will speak with the United Nations and American government to call for a cease-fire quickly.'"

Good luck with that, al-Maliki. George Bush is not in any hurry to stop the fighting.

There's lots more good news out of Iraq. Why isn't Fox News reporting it?