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Fox News Urging on Israeli Ground Offensive

Reported by Judy - July 21, 2006 -

Fox News seemed to be cheering on a ground invasion of Lebanon by Israel on Friday (July 21, 2006), constantly airing a shot of Israeli tanks and military vehicles lined up on the border and inviting guests onto "Dayside" who advocated an invasion.

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Ralph Peters predicted that an Israeli ground assault would likely come just before dawn (not exactly predicting one for Saturday)

"Israel doesn't have enough troops yet on the border to do this readlly right and the Israelis are in trouble because their plan to do it all from the air, from a distance, to prevent Israeli casualities, basically Shock and Awe Part Two, sad to say, it didn’t work, and they’ve lost the element of surprise by not going in heavy with ground troops early on," he said.

"So they’ve been kind of upping the ante bit by bit, raids, now maybe a brigade size attack, maybe something early a little bigger, but I’m very very concerned, a phrase that is going around the upper echelons of the U.S. government is that the Israelies have the watches, but Hezbollah has time, and the terrible publicity Israel is getting as a result of this, rightly or wrongly, and I think it’s largely wrongly, is working against them in time, and the Israelis really have to win this one and win it big, because in the new equation of war, if a power like Israel or the United States doesn’t win a clear victory, the bad guys get to claim it.”

Asked by "Dayside" co-host Juliet Huddy what Israel should do to overcome problems he mentioned, Peters said, "You’ve got to go in heavy on the ground with tanks, infantry, supported by the air. Ideally the classic military solution would have been to do it right away, en masse within 48 hours of having those soldiers seized. Israel chose not to do that for a variety of reasons, and what I’m very concerned about now is on the one hand they must go in with ground troops to really deal Hezbollah a serious blow, because I’ll tell you from inside sources, Israeli air targeting so far has been really sloppy and to a startling degree ineffective, so they’ve got to go in big, but the problem now is when you go in big on the ground Hezbollah is ready for them, their adrenalin is flowing, and Heabollah is tough, and so now because Israel waited, it’s going to be bloodier than it would have had to be."

"Dayside" co-host Mike Jerrick and Huddy had been giddy ever since yesterday about UN Ambassador John Bolton's guest appearance on the show Friday and when he showed up, Jerrick asked whether a ground invasion by Israel was imminent.

Bolton doubted it, saying the Israelis only want to knock out rocket bases. He stressed that Israel was only defending itself and rejected a cease fire, saying it was impossible to negotiate with a group like Hezbollah (although Great Britain certainly negotiated with the Irish Republican Army.) He also said Israel should not have to worry about a "proportional response" to the kidnapping of two soldiers and should be free to eliminate the threat of Hezbollah.

Bolton did not condemn the idea of an Iraeli ground offensive into Lebanon, and he indirectly supported it, noting that with the long-range rockets Hezbollah has been firing, a 25-mile wide buffer zone is not adequate. That can't be accomplished from the air. The hand-writing is on the wall. As far as Bolton is concerned, a ground war in the Mideast is coming and he thinks that's a good thing.