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Didn’t You Just Know This Was Coming? FOX News Describes Peace Protestors As “Pro-Hezbollah”

Reported by Ellen - July 21, 2006 -

Sean Hannity introduced a discussion designed to do the double duty of scaring Americans about the dangers of Hezbollah (without considering why George W. Bush has never targeted them in the five years since 9/11) and demonizing anyone who doesn’t support Israel’s military actions against them. I expect a lot more talk like this from FOX News in the future.

Sean Hannity opened the Hannity & Colmes (7/20/06) discussion by saying, “Sympathizers of Hezbollah not only are found within Iran and Syria but also right here in the United States. Recently, Pro-Hezbollah demonstrations took to the streets of San Francisco. They were waving Palestinian flags while some wore tee-shirts advocating violence against Jews.”

The demonstration Hannity seemed to be referring to was the one on July 17 in front of the Israeli consulate and organized by Jewish groups. Funny how Hannity forgot to mention that.

The guests were FOX News’ military analyst Bill Cowan and former Senator Bob Graham, whom I admire but Graham seemed all too agreeable to do Hannity’s chickenhawk bidding. Ratcheting up the fear factor, Graham told a satisfied Hannity (still salivating for war against Iran and Syria despite the fact that Alexander Haig had just told him the US is too bogged down in Iraq for such a thing) that there are just as many Hezbollah members in the United States as there are Al Qaeda members.

Alan Colmes, who seems like he’s totally fed up with the non-stop war talk he has been hearing night after night, had a noticeable edge to his voice as he said, “This demonstration in San Francisco also included many Jewish peace groups: Jewish Voice For Peace, Jews for a Free Palestine, Global Exchange – many of whom – they’re not pro-Hezbollah. They’re anti-war and they would like to see something called a cease fire. And why has that not been discussed Bill Cowan? Isn’t that a logical alternative to all this war talk we’re hearing?”

Bill Cowan said he supported the protesters right to speak out, “But having said that I think some of the issues they protest around are entirely unacceptable, one of them being any support of Hezbollah or Hamas.” He pooh-poohed the idea of a cease fire as not being long-lasting enough to be worthwhile.

Colmes turned to Senator Graham. “But eventually after war, Senator, you normally have negotiations.” Colmes quoted Ralph Nader, a Lebanese-American, who suggested that a bi-partisan team of negotiators such as James Baker and George Mitchell arrange for a cease-fire.

But Graham said the time has passed, that we should have taken out Hezbollah “a long, long time ago and had many opportunities to do so and in each instance failed. Now it looks as if it’s going to devolve into this conflict between Hezbollah and Israel to take the final step.”

Can there be any doubt that anyone who doesn’t support Israel's military actions will continue to be labeled on FOX News as a supporter of Hezbollah and/or Hamas?