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Eric Shawn's Voice Drips With Disdain When Speaking About The United Nations

Reported by Donna - July 20, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smikth, Eric Shawn gave a report on the United Nations. If you've never heard Eric Shawn, he is the go to man on Fox when speaking about the United Nations and he loves to bring bad news and speak about scandals when it comes to the United Nations.

Today, to begin the story he referred to the United Nations as the "place where so many resolutions have not been filled." In other words, whatever they have to say you can't take with any seriousness.

Shawn went on to say that Kofi Annan asked that all hostilites between Israel, Lebanon and Palestine cease. Shawn said that the U.N. representative from the U.S. , John Bolton, would like the hostilites to stop, but not yet, at the right time.

Comments: I don't know when the right time is but watching the segment you would have got the impression from Shawn that the U.N. was not a credible source, so it doesn't matter what they have to say, reality is another thing. This was a usual report from Shawn who's voice often drips with disdain whenever reporting on the United Nations or Kofi Annan. He gets gleeful when speaking about the Oil for Food Scandal.

So typical on Fox - if the Bush administration doesn't hold the U.N. credible, then neither does Fox.