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Day 8 of Middle East Conflict: More Israel, Less Iran and Syria on Hannity & Colmes

Reported by Ellen - July 20, 2006 -

Maybe I’m making too much out of one night’s programming, but it seemed to me the cheerleading for World War III was turned down a notch or two on Hannity & Colmes last night (7/19/06). The coverage was still all pro-Israel. Arab and Muslim voices remained shut out and despite Shepard Smith’s placement on the border, there was virtually no reporting of what the Lebanese people have been going through. In fact, Smith described Israel’s dropping of 23 tons of bombs in Lebanon as “Certainly the highlight here of the night.” With excitement, Smith repeated, “23 tons!”

Nowhere during the “fair and balanced” network’s “we report, you decide” coverage was there any mention of these sobering facts about what the Lebanese citizens are going through, as reported by the BBC:

500,000 Lebanese have been displaced. Thousands remain trapped in Lebanon, with major roads cut by Israeli bombing and no supplies reaching many areas. Relief agencies say there is a growing need for water, sanitation and medical facilities for those displaced within Lebanon.

Ordinary Lebanese civilians have been the main victims of the current crisis.

Chickenhawk Sean Hannity was still salivating over starting World War III but the guests were more sanguine. John Bolton, the United States ambassador to the UN (whom the Senate rejected and Bush “the uniter” appointed as a recess appointment) sounded almost like a peacenik compared to Hannity.

Hannity asked, “Is the world at war with Islamic fascism?”

Bolton answered, “I think the Islamic fascists are at war with us. We have no interest in changing the way they live in their particular countries to follow their own beliefs but it’s their aggressive use of terror and force almost exclusively against innocent civilians that’s brought them into conflict with us. And that’s why, when we talk about what Israel is doing now, the right of self-defense is inherent in nationhood.” (Apparently, some innocent civilians matter more to Bolton than others and the Lebanese civilians are on the lesser side of that equation.)

That wasn’t bellicose enough for Hannity. He decried the international calls for restraint directed toward Israel and asked “Is there a modern day appeasement going on worldwide?”

Bolton replied, “The culture of the UN is to seek peace almost at any cost and that really does come down to appeasement.” But, unlike Newt Gingrich and most of the FOX News pundits, Bolton did not advocate further military involvement.

Hannity was not satisfied. “But is the world defining peace as the absence of overt conflict? Isn’t peace defined by the ability to defend yourself? For example, are we going to wait until we have a nuclear-armed Iran until we deal with a guy that denies the Holocaust and wants to annihilate Israel and wipe them off the face of the earth?”

Bolton indicated that the UN might be able to deal with the crisis, though his own bullyboy instincts were close at hand. “In the case of Lebanon, why living under the threat of terror, as the government of Israel has done for many years, is not an acceptable way to live. It’s not an acceptable way to live for the people of Lebanon who just want to have a normal country and don’t want to have this cancerous Hezbollah armed militia.” So much for not interfering in other countries. But, he most definitely was not advocating World War III.

The next guest was former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. War-hungry Hannity asked, “Is Israel – ultimately – their conflict going to be with Iran?”

Peres was unequivocal. “No… Today, Iran is a world problem, not an Israeli problem… We cannot take everything up on our shoulders. We are not capable to bring order in the world. When we are being attacked, we fight… We appreciate deeply and profoundly the American support but we didn’t ask that any Americans fight instead of us.”

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