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Brit Hume Not Worried About Lebanese Civilian Casualties?

Reported by Janie - July 20, 2006 -

During the "All Star Panel" on last night's (7/19) episode of "Special Report with Brit Hume", the Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes turned the panel discussion, which centered around the Israeli/Lebanese conflict, to the concept of Israel sending ground troops into Lebanon (which is quickly becoming reality). NPR's Mara Liasson shot the idea down, claiming logistically this was an impossibility. When she brought up the high civilian casualties such an invasion would cause, even Barnes seemed chastised, but not Hume - who attempted to change the topic from civilian casualties in the most uncouth of manners.

ML: "Look, a ground attack raises incredible complications. I mean, Hezbollah is completely interwoven with the civilian population there. People keep missiles there in their homes, there's no difference between the military and the civilian population in that part of Lebanon."

BH: "Yeah, it's not like they wear uniforms."

ML: "No. And it would be a very, very high civilian toll. I think for Israel to do that..."

BH: "Or a toll on the apparent civilians."

Hume's interruption quickly diverted the attention from civilian deaths, bringing it back to Hezbollah as though civilian deaths weren't an issue. A look of shock spread across Liasson's face as Hume showed that he could not care less about the civilians in harms way, and wanted the viewers to quickly forget they were even brought up.