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Fox Reporter States As Fact 'Where Mary Was Told By The Angel Gabriel That She Would Give Birth To Jesus'

Reported by Donna - July 19, 2006 -

I couldn't believe what I was hearing today in a report from correspondant Jennifer Griffin on Studio B with Shepard Smith today.

She was reporting on the rockets that Hezbollah had fired into Nazareth, but she was also saying what? She was reporting on an angel as if it were fact.

Jennifer Griffin said, "In the holdy city of Nazareth, Hezbollah rockets rained down, the furthest point yet into Israel that these rockets have hit.

Four sturck the city, home to the church and grotto where Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel that she would give birth to Jesus."

Comment: Now if you are a truly unbiased reported you should say something like 'the church and grotto where Christians say Mary was told by the Angel Gabriel................

Unfortunately, Griffin reported this as if it was fact. What next? Video of the Angel Gabriel at 11?

This is one of the worst reporting jobs I've ever seen. Add this to their war on Christmas and you have what should be the Fox News Christian Broadcasting.