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Fox News Touts Pinpont Accuracy of Israeli Weapons as Civilians Flee

Reported by Judy - July 19, 2006 -

Fox News used "Dayside" on Wednesday (July 18, 2006) to try to hype two inherently contradictory story lines -- one that Americans and other civilians are fleeing Lebanon in fear for their lives and the other that the Israeli military is targeting only Hezbollah terrorists with pinpoint accuracy. Something doesn't add up.

"Dayside" co-hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy interviewed the mother of an American student studying in Lebanon who was relieved that her son was on her way home. In another segment, Fox News reported on evacuations of Americans, including an 11-day-old baby.

Then Huddy and Jerrick interviewed U.S. Army Major General Bob Scales (retired), a Fox News military analyst and consultant to the Israeli military who was on the ground where the fighting is now taking place as recently as June.

Scales stressed that Israel's military is targeting Hezbollah only.
"They have to be able to apply enough firepower and enough precision to very methodically pick apart Hezbollah right down to the tactical level and that takes time. All the precision weapons in the world can’t achieve that degree of certainty overnight," he said.

In response to a question he said that, "Right now the only troops over the border are special operating forces, and their purpose is not to do direct action. They’re the eyes, if you will, of both the artillery and the airporwer that you see going in. They have laser range finders, they have high bandwith communications. They’re able to actually physical spot targets and differentiate innocent civilians from military targets, so the role of both drones and radar and special operating forces are absolutely key and essential if this war is going to be brought to a conclusion quickly.”

No doubt it was comforting for Fox viewers to know that Israel is differentiating innocent civilians from military targets, but Jerrick and Huddy might have asked why students and 11-day-old babies have to flee if Israel is so precise in its targeting? They might also have asked why hospitals and milk factories have been hit, as Juan Cole has pointed out in his blog. He also has links to photos of civilians injured by Israeli bombs. Cole notes that such targeting of civilian infrastructure is an illegal use of American-supplied weapons and he urges reades to call members of Congress.