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Bush issues first ever veto on expanding stem cell research

Reported by Chrish - July 19, 2006 -

Imposing his own narrow religious view on all of America, which overwhelmingly supports embryonic stem cell research funding, George Bush today issued his first veto. FOXNews.com reports that the US House is considering whether to overide the veto.

Contact your representative here.

AMEND 7/19/06 8:10pm EDT: Never mind. Associated Press House Fails to Override Stem Cell Veto

"President Bush rejected legislation Wednesday that could have multiplied the federal money going into embryonic stem cell research, using the first veto of his presidency to underscore his stand on the emotionally charged, life-and-death issue.

A few hours later, the House voted 235-193 to overturn the Bush's veto, 51 short of the required two-thirds majority."

Nice to see how much thoughtful debate and constituent dialog was put into this. 67-70% of Americans support it? TOO BAD. Bush is dictator.