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Newspaper Cans Coulter Column After Conservatives Complain

Reported by Judy - July 18, 2006 -

Finally, possible felon and plaigirist Ann Coulter is getting a little of what she deserves -- from conservatives, of all people.

The Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Gazette announced that it is dropping Coulter's column, which it has carried for about 14 months, because of complaints from conservatives. Yeah, the liberals complained, too, but it was complaints from conservatives that Coulter misrepresented their views that spurred the newspaper to fire the blonde bomb-thrower.

Opinion page editor Doug Neumann appeared on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC's "Countdown" show on Friday (July 14, 2006) to explain the decision. Neumann stressed that The Gazette would continue to have conservative voices in the newspaper (David Limbaugh, for example), but that Coulter's style was getting in the way of her message (whatever that it is.)

At the same time, the Shreveport, (La.) Times is asking readers to vote on keeping Coulter's column.

Here's the video: