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Hemmer Boasts That Howitzers Are 'American Made'

Reported by Donna - July 18, 2006 -

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) he came to us from northern Israel again, this time to bring us the story of the powerful howitzers that were firing into Lebanon. He was very descriptive in speaking about the fire power. He talked about the "blast force behind me" and how you can "feel the strength." He went on about the "powerful, giant howtitzer cannons behind me" and how he would bring them to us live.

But he seemed to go to a tape showing the howitzers firing. Hemmer said, "You can just feel the power and strength of the concussion blast as it blows out the back of that howitzer gun." Video shows an Israeli soldier clapping. "These Israeli soliders here give themselves a hand of applause."

He continued, "We've been out here for about 30 minutes now. It's been repeatedly firing 155 millimeter munitions loaded into this howitzer cannon then fired deep down range to southern Lebanon. You can get a range on these cannons anywhere between 15 and 20 miles down range." Video shows one Israeli soldier slapping another on the back of his neck and them laughing.

Hemmer continued, "And these are Israeli soldiers who have been here day and night, clearly proud of the operation and work they have done. One more view (unintelligible)....down to my left here you have about a dozen different Howtizers gathered. All American made and to my right the songs of joy of the Israeli soldiers." Video of the Israeli soldiers singing and you can hear the song - it does sound joyful.

Comments: This was one of those stick my chest out, I'm a big, bad man and look at the powerful weapons I have created-type segments. With several references to 'powerful', 'blast force', 'strength', the camera action of the soldiers firing the 'powerful' howitzer cannons and the celebration and song, it was a 'Yay War' moment.

Maybe someone should have been the adult and said what was on the receiving end of that firepower - a lot of dead citizens. Fox seemed ever so happy to bring this moment to us and Hemmer was very proud to tell us and the whole Arab world that the shells being fired upon Lebanon? They were made in the good, old, U.S. of A.