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Fox Asks 'Has Iran Been Behind Hezbollah & Could They Stop All Of This?'

Reported by Donna - July 18, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he had a segment with Simon Marks from Feature Story News that might show that Iran is supporting Hezbollah. I waited for the proof and all I got was rhetoric.

Simon Marks: "Iranian Foreign Minister was denying accusations by Israel, the U.S. and many European nations that Iran had not only helped Hezbollah plan the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers but had actively armed Hezbollah and trained many of it's fighters. He said Hezbollah was such a strong organization it didn't need Iranian help.

Today, however, addressing this demonstration (shows video of Iranians demonstrating) in Tehran, the speaker of the Israeli Parliment claimed that no part of Israel is now safe from Hezbollahs rockets. And so the question has to be asked, well, how did he know that if Iran did not suppy those rockets to Hezbollah?"

Comment: I don't find this as any indication of Iran backing Hezbollah. I'm not saying that Iran does not back Hezbollah, I'm saying that this is not proof. Anyone can say that Hezbollah rockets can reach anywhere in Israel - in fact Israel has claimed that it can reach far into their land, so what does this prove?

Do you think this is definitive proof that Iran is behind Hezbollah and that they supplied the rockets? It sounds a lot like the 'intelligence offerings' we were given in the run up to the war with Iraq. Of course this was all helped by the running throughout the segment of pictures of demonstrating, angry Iranians. Fox likes to put out speculation with visual aids.

But, I'll throw this one out to you - I'll report and you can decide. Let me know what you think of this 'proof.'