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While Rockets Fly - Shepard Smith Covers Mid East Conflict In Israel On His Backside

Reported by Donna - July 17, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he covered about 15 minutes of his show on his backside, having got down because of incoming rockets. Along with reporter Jennifer Griffin they stayed down on the ground while the rockets landed around them.

It made a great picture for Israel's side of the war but did little to tell the story of the Lebanon people.

To be fair, Smith did mention that civilians were also being affected in Lebanon, but the whole one hour show seemed to show just the Israeli side. And he did say that the Israeli citizen he spoke to earlier in the day was stating opinion when the Israeli citizen said, "*People are very scared. Try to live with it. 50 years we are living with these wars. We are fighting the same war as the United States. Hezbollah is the same as Al Qaeda."

Comment: Yes, Smith might have said it was just opinion but where was the opinion of the Lebanon side? The opinion of this one Israeli was out there without any follow up with anyone speaking from the Lebanon perspective. I'm not saying they had to go to Lebanon (although they had correspondents there last week) but you can get Lebanese opinions without actually being there.

Kudos for Smith for staying with the story when the rockets were hitting close by, but maybe his production team could work a little more on the fair and balanced issue? And one more kudo for Smith - he has been the only reporter/host that I've seen mention the fact that perhaps the Israelis are getting a free pass for several days on bombing Lebanon before the world stage, the U.N., and others such as the U.S. get on board to actually doing something. It was an excellent point.