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Fox News Shoos Away Demonstrator Advocating Nonviolence

Reported by Judy - July 17, 2006 -

Does Fox News really want wide-open warfare in the Middle East between Israel, Syria, Iran, and other Arab countries? Why else would someone shoo away a demonstrator carrying a sign that read "Practice Nonviolence"?

Fox News "Dayside" on Monday (July 17, 2006) was featuring another of its supposedly "fair and balanced" reports on the Middle East crisis.

Mike Tobin had filed another sensationalistic report from Israel, pointing out a dinette set in an apartment building hit by a Hezbollah rocket (no one was killed) and then showing a handful of shrapnel Israelis told him were contained in the rocket.

Then it was off to Reena Ninan at the United Nations, who last week aired only an attack on the Lebanese government by the Israeli ambassador to the UN. She must have been trying to make amends because this time
she interviewed Lebanese Ambassador Amba Nouhad Mahmoud. She asked him fairly hostile questions, such as why the Lebanese government did not do something to stop Hezbollah (he said the government was trying to reach a national consensus on doing that) and whether the Lebanese government knew the whereabouts of captured Israeli soldiers (he said it did not). Mahmoud asked for a cease fire.

As the interview progressed, someone (apparently a woman with long blonde hair) carrying a sign reading "Practice nonviolence" could be seen in the background approaching the pair. The sign carrier moved to the right of the screen for a bit, aparently in response to a man who came into view briefly. The sign-carrier then disappeared from view and then moved back into the line of vision, holding the sign so it could be seen clearly. As the interview wound down, a man in a blue shirt came into view from the right and shooed the person away.

Wonder if the sign-carrier would have gotten the same treatment had the message read, "John 3:16" ?

Here's the video: