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Fox News Admits Lebanese Casualties At Least

Reported by Judy - July 15, 2006 -

Fox News on Saturday (July 15, 2006) at least admitted Israel has inflicted significant casualties on Lebanese people, but still insisted those being targeted by Israel were the bad guys and not innocent civilians.

Mike Tobin, reporting during a news break during "Bulls and Bears," admitted that Israeli air strikes killed 27 civilians inside Lebanon today, adding "the most tragic of those reportedly a van that was leaving an area of southern Lebanan under orders by the Israelies to evacuate the area and that was hit by an Israeli missile." He also admitted that most of the missiles being fired into Israel from Lebanon were not lethal and were mainly causing fear rather than serious injuries.

It was a flip-flop from Friday's reports, in which Fox News stressed the Israeli casualties and ignored the far larger number of deaths caused by Israel.

When anchor Janice Dean told Tobin that Israeli war planes had hit the southern suburbs of Beirut twice again today, however, Tobin was quick to assure viewers that only bad people were in that area. "Only people with Hezbollah's blessing can get in there," he said with authority, not really knowing exactly where the bombs fell or what they hit. He might have been better off telling Dean to check with Fox News reporter Greg Burke in Beirut.

The report was marginally more balanced than some of those from Friday, but rather than trying to take a middle path on this dangerous story, Fox News still struggles to keep its stridently pro-Israeli sentiments in check.