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John Gibson Discredits Plame And Wilson

Reported by Deborah - July 14, 2006 -

It's not surprising that John Gibson would jump today to discredit Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson especially after they made eloquent statements today about the reasons motivating their civil suit. Gibson introduced the segment with these predictable questions.

"Can you really leak something that's already common knowledge? What's this about a new book deal?"

Jefferey Lord, Reagan Aide, joined Gibson for the fun. However, Lord immediately showed how out of touch he was by comparing the civil suit to something Fonzi did in an old Happy Days episode. Calling the situation a "failing political soap opera", Lord suggested that the Wilsons donate any money they make to a fund for kids who have fathers in the CIA who were killed in action. Lord was too out of sync with the times to mention mothers killed in action?

Gibson quickly took advatage of the opportunity to talk about the money issue. He claimed that the Crown Publishing deal that fell through was worth 2.5 million making him wonder how much more the Simon & Schuster deal would be worth. Lord agreed that the civil suit is " a book pumping exercise.

Gibson had to be sure to get all the talking points in so he asked Lord if he found it "newsworthy" that Joe Wilson's trip to Niger was initiated by his wife. Lord added the final point connecting Wilson to the New York Times. Lord claimed that Wilson should have gone to the Security Council instead of the NYT. "That had publicity written all over it."

comment: Time to add some new names to the FOX swiftboat list.