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FOX News Gaga For War – With Other People Doing The Fighting

Reported by Ellen - July 14, 2006 -

It was another night of war-mongering guests only last night on Hannity & Colmes (7/13/06). There were three guests over three segments devoted to the worsening situation in the Middle East. But in its typically “fair and balanced” way, all the guests had the same opinion. All three were gung-ho for war and pooh-poohed Alan Colmes’ thoughts about non-military solutions. Yet no panelists were on active duty and the only fighting they were willing to do themselves was to smear and deride their fellow Americans who may have another point of view.

Chickenhawk Newt Gingrich beat the drums for war the most loudly and vehemently during a double segment. “I personally hope that the Israelis will decide to deliberately and systematically destroy all of the missiles in southern Lebanon,” he said. “We’ve had this one-sided worldwide bias that terrorists get to kill Israelis but Israelis ought to be patient. And I think it’s time to end that. I’m for WINNING (his emphasis) the war against terror, not just engaging in retaliation. And this is a good place to start.”

Colmes said, “At some point there has to be, we hope, some kind of political solution here. These things aren’t won by killing each other. Hamas and Israel don’t speak. We don’t want to talk to Hamas. How do you go about that?”

Gingrich’s voice was full of condescension as he asked, “Alan, why do you believe what you just said?”

“Why do I believe that? How do you end the cycle of violence? …You have to have some settlement.

“No.” Gingrich’s voice was still condescending.

Colmes said, “There has to be some way to get back the Israeli soldiers. There has to be some way to stop this killing.”

“No.” Gingrich was more emphatic now.

“What do you do? …Is Israel justified in destroying as much of the civilian infrastructure of Lebanon as it desires? Is there any limit to what it should be allowed to do?”

“Israel should undertake whatever measures are necessary to destroy the capacity of Hezbollah to fire missiles into Israeli cities.”

Then it was time for the non-serving Sean Hannity to beat the drums for other people to do the fighting while smearing his fellow Americans at the same time. “I don’t know how we win the war on terrorism without defeating and destroying these two specific regimes. And we could go to North Korea later. But isn’t that the philosophical divide, the appeasement mindset? If only we can talk to the terrorists and convince them to get along with the rest of the world. Isn’t that the great fallacy of the left?”

Gingrich didn’t need any further prompting. He bravely joined in the attack against his countrymen. “The core decision we make – and this needs to be a national debate and a worldwide debate – is between those of us who believe we’re in a war between civilization and terrorism, whether it is state terrorism in North Korea, Syria and Iran or non-state terrorism in Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda or whether in fact our job is to appease those who are made uncomfortable by the price of defeating terrorism… We need to defeat these people, not just accommodate them and that’s going to mean replacing the three governments.”

Hannity beat his chest a little more from the safety of the television studio. “The most important question… What do you do with Iran if they are fomenting, funding, encouraging this terrorism, now actively seeking nuclear weapons and talking about annihilating a state. Would Israel be wrong to take out their nuclear sites? Would it be wrong to join them?”

Gingrich was suddenly ready to be “diplomatic.” “I want to focus on replacing the governments, peacefully if possible, of Iran, Syria and North Korea.”

The next segment was with FOX News military analysts Colonels Bill Cowan and Dave Hunt. They were somewhat less enthusiastic than Gingrich about going to war but seemed to consider it a fait accompli.

Hunt said, “I don’t think it’s any brink, I think you’re at war… (unintelligible) very close to lose southern Lebanon to the Israelis and they should.”

Colmes said, “Hamas is characterized as a democratically elected government.”

Hunt guffawed derisively and asked, “By whom?”

“Didn’t the Palestinians elect Hamas?”

Hunt replied, “They’re a democratically elected terrorist organization.”

“But they were elected to represent the Palestinian people… We say we want to support democratically elected governments,” Colmes said.

Hunt replied, “Not that one… You’re a good man, Alan, but there’s no way this is going to fly.”

Hannity ended the segment by saying, “I agree with Alan on one thing. We should go to the table – when they surrender and we defeat them.” Of course, Hannity’s not the one doing any fighting.