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'Dayside' Misses the Point of Own Poll -- Bush's Approval Down

Reported by Judy - July 14, 2006 -

'Dayside" co-hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy found some interesting nuggets in the latest Fox News' Opinion Dynamics Poll on Friday (July 14, 2006), but somehow missed the bad news embedded in it for George Bush.

The poll, available on the Fox News website here, found that Bush's approval rating has sunk back down to the 30s after inching up to 41 percent in June. In the poll taken July 11-12, only 36 percent of Americans approved of the job Bush was doing as president and 53 percent disapproved. In late June, 41 percent approved and 50 percent disapproved. Bush is getting close to the low water mark of his presidency -- a 33 percent approval rating recorded in April.

The Republican-run Congress fared even worse -- only 25 percent approve of the job it is doing. And 48 percent said they were less likely to vote for a candidate if Bush campaigned for him or her.

But instead of focusing on that part of the poll, "Dayside" co-hosts Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy concentrated on what the poll said were the issues of most concern for Americans (the war in Iraq) and who is best able to deal with national security issues (Republicans).

Democratic strategist Susan Estrich was on to comment and seemed intimidated by the studio audience, saying she didn't want to seem to partisan. But she could have asked Huddy and Jerrick what the poll said about Bush's approval rating or even brought it up herself.